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     I am very happy with their steam cleaning service. They did a spot check to ensure that the fabric would not be damaged and managed to get the stain out of my white sofa. Quite a feat considering that my daughter had spilt grape juice of all things. The sofa looks fabulous, and they are the least expensive.
Delilah Webster19/09/2019
     My wife and I own an antique business and often get hold of many soft furnishings and expensive curtains, cushions etc. We like to send out our upholstery in the best condition possible and we have been using Whitechapel Cleaning Company to help us with that. Their upholstery cleaning services are amazing as they really take care and precaution when handling our delicate items. We really won't be taking our business anywhere else!
S. Dangleton 15/03/2016
     I've just settled into my first house, having gone through one of the most stressful moves in my life! I had a lot to organise before I moved out of my last flat, including getting the whole thing cleaned before the landlord's last inspection. I called WhitechapelCarpetCleaners after reading some excellent reviews, and now I can see where they get their fantastic reputation! While I was moving and packing everything, they were working hard, and got the entire place looking perfect well ahead of time. If you're panicking about your end of tenancy, I'd recommend trying these guys!
Tom C.21/12/2015
     When we were moving out, we knew that we'd need end of tenancy cleaning just because we're both so busy. Cleaning Services Whitechapel were the company we decided to hire and they were absolutely excellent in every single respect. It was impressive, the speed with which they moved. They kept us updated and ensured we got out deposit back in full. That definitely wouldn't have been possible without them. Incredible!
Mary C.05/11/2015
      Whitechapel Carpet Cleaners did a super office clean for us recently after we had done some alterations and decorating. We are only a small office but the additional help was worth the money as the cleaning was done thoroughly. I have decided to call on them monthly for a deep clean.
Carl Alexander14/07/2015

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